“Just tell them that Dipshit sent you!”

“I jus’ spoke wit’ the Goodwill manager and he said he gon’ be here in 45 minutes,” Randy had called from his rolled down window. “That was 25 minutes ago.”

So instead of freezing in my car for 25 minutes, I decided to freeze in Randy’s truck, enjoying at least the proverbial warmth that comes from fresh conversation with a stranger.

Randy, is a hearty, affable, and almost lanky man with a full, brown-red beard. When he talks, one leather-gloved hand gestures around emphatically and the other drags a Continue reading

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Pho Real

A petite ice age struck the Dirty P last night. At 6am today Pearland ISD’s various schools were shut down due to sub 30 degree Fahrenheit weather and freezing rain. In reality that’s not extremely cold, but Texans go ape Continue reading

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“Off We Go, in to the Wild Blue Yonder…”

Time slipping on by, doesn’t stop for any mortal man. I’m sure I’ll say the same thing in a few years. Continue reading

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Orange Acceptance Day

Orange shirt. Orange food. Orange ACCEPTANCE LETTER FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS. No biggie.

‘Twas a humdrum high school day. Then the last bell rang and WHAMMY. I unexpectedly managed to weasel into a yearbook photoshoot, then drove to Thai Spice and bought me some Heavenly manna Pad Thai, and finally came home to a beautiful Continue reading

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Nacho Pad Thai

I stepped in a goop of nachos today. Whilst ambling along in the post-lunch herd, I planted my foot square in a nice big cheesy mess someone left in the hallway. Mrs. Silva let me clean it off during choir, and now my left shoe has yellow highlights on the sole. Need to find another mess of yellow diabetes Continue reading

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